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5 Ways to Elevate Your Vibes

November 16, 2017

You ever wonder what you can do to bring genuine joy to your life? I often sit back and consider all my options on how I can contribute to my daily dose of happiness. If I forget to think of myself, no one gets thought about. LOL I mean, if I am not happy then, the rest of the world may as well forget about it. So, in knowing this I try to make sure I am mindful of my feelings and create a space of contentment for myself, therefore I will be able to better serve others. 

Random act of kindness.


Yesterday I posted a few things in regards to showing kindness to another person at random. I would even go as far as to say do something kind for a complete stranger. When I do something meaningful for someone, I feel my vibration rise almost immediately! Without getting too deep, I just feel like my place in the world is at its peek of clarity and I can see a greater purpose bigger than me. 


Take a road trip. Its something about feeling the wind in your face with the window down, driving down the highway. Leaving all your worries behind and setting out for an adventure. The excitement I feel when I am traveling definitely heightens my vibration.


Learn something new. Man, I must be getting old because I use to dread reading or school altogether. Now, I am so eager to learn a new skill. I encourage this all the time to clients looking to revive a dull period of their life because it reminds you that there is more to life beyond the place you are currently in. Sometimes our mind feel stagnent and we become complacent. Shake it up a bit and learn something new. 


Daily Positive Affirmations. I often write down positive affirmations in my journal to keep my spirit positive. Its incredible to speak positively, but there is even more impact when you write it. "I am stronger than I was yesterday". "I am intelligent and learning comes easy to me". "I will get the promotion I seek because I am a hard worker".


Be An Artist. Now, I have no shame when I say I have no drawing capabilities lol. I am comfortable with this, so with that being said, if I can walk up to a canvas and draw so can you! Honestly, being an artist does not mean you have to draw (although drawing is very thearapeutic). You can also write or sing music, join in community theater, start blogging, or anything that gets your creative juices flowing.

Incorporating some of these into your life will help you elevate your vibes and share a little more joy with the world! Spread! Go on......spread those good vibes!

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