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5 Ways to Plan and Crush Your Goals

November 16, 2017

Wishing is a precursor to a healthy mindset, but you need to execute a solid plan in order to accomplish your life goals. Like a new spring garden, your goals have to be protected, nourished, and never given up on.  The desire to accomplish your goals has to come from a sacred place within us and be ignited with the hunger to succeed. The plan you create to accomplish your goals is your blueprint to success.


Here are 5 ways to help you make a plan to accomplish your goals:



Now that you have a realistic vision and plan, it is equally as important to be loyal to this plan. Discipline will certainly help you maintain that loyalty. Your discipline means that your plan holds a priority in your life. Every day you must make a conscious decision to do the necessary actions according to your plan. You hold yourself accountable, but you are disciplined enough to execute the tasks needed. You will know when to sacrifice time with friends or when to let something go because it does not align with your “realistic vision” for your goals.



Highlighting what is in progress or what has been completed gives you an idea of where you are with your goals.  Writing your plan down helps you hold yourself accountable for each goal.  This is the next step to making your goal more of a reality because there is something about writing things down that makes it attainable. Seeing your goals on paper and building a plan is similar to an affirmation that you speak in the mornings-this is real and achievable.

Speaking your goals into existence and declaring your intentions also is a great way to help you become more accountable. Share your goals with your trusted circle or join an accountability group that will uplift you to stay positive. They can help you stay committed to your goals in a healthy way. Declare your intentions out loud and make them real. Just like when you write them, speaking them into existence can also help give your goals life.


Do your research

Educating yourself is priceless. Going back to school is a great option, however if that is not something that is feasible, you can still do tons outside a class room. You can begin research in libraries, go online and research books that will help you learn more about your genre. You can buy used books and start building information for yourself that you can use throughout your journey. This world is filled with books that can prepare you for what you need to know and how you can execute it.



Have a realistic vision

Having a realistic vision helps you to build a solid structure of what exactly needs to be done.  Not only will you have a clear focus but you will give yourself the confidence that you need to get through your plan.  Make sure you break each element down to ensure that nothing is missed and you have the capability to get it done.  If your goal is to become an entrepreneur, then it is likely that you will have more than one goal. You have multiple goals to achieve before your ultimate goal to become an entrepreneur comes to fruition. You need a business plan, capital, a clear vision, and so much more. It is unrealistic to believe that you will wake up one morning and be an entrepreneur. It is important that you be realistic with yourself about the path you need to take in order to reach your goals. Some will feel discouraged by this vision, however if the goal is true to who you are, you will be excited for the journey.


Enjoy and trust the process

Your goals should be your happy place. When you are working on your goals, every so often you need to stop and smell the roses. You are working toward something that you love, so it is important to enjoy every moment even the hard ones. Every step that you take toward your goals deserve a little bit of your happy energy because you are doing it. You are living. Visit places or events that inspire you like a positive conference with like-minded people. Accomplishing your goals will not always be easy, so trusting the process is necessary to surviving the bumps in the road. The process is everything your goals require from the time you decide on your vision to the time you have accomplished the goals. The process makes you stronger, smarter, and when you are finished you will appreciate your accomplishment all the more.


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