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Creating Acai Bowls At Home

December 12, 2017

Have you been seeing acai bowls and smoothie everywhere like me? All the buzz and beautiful creation I have been seeing made me extremely curious about what is acai and how to make a yummy bowl at home. So, if you are curious like me, you’ll enjoy some of the information I’ve learned and share in my experience!


What is acai?

Acai, pronounced ah-sigh-ee, is a South American palm tree producing small edible blackish-purple berries. While shopping with my good friend, Weight Loss Coach Jennifer Lesyna at Coaching By Jennifer and Community Manager at The Positivity Charge. Jen shared with me the different ways acai was sold and packaged in the grocery stores. Acai is sold in frozen packs and also some powder stored in zip bag for multi-use. 


What are some benefits of Acai?

Açaí is most known for being a high source for antioxidants, fiber, heart healthy-fats, and minerals. Acai berry is useful for preventing early signs of aging and helping with skin regeneration. Some experts believe that acai berry has certain appetite-suppressing abilities because of how it affects various hormones that control blood sugar levels and feelings of hunger, fullness and satiety.


 Creating The Bowls

I was determined to learn how to make an acai bowl since I see them trending all over social media and I’ve even had them at my favorite go-to place, The Juice Merchant, in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. One of the first things I asked Jen was, “what do we need to make an acai bowl?” She explained to me, “that’s the fun part! You can literally have fun with the topping!” We took a trip to Whole Foods and bought goodies like, shaved coconut, chocolate nibs, granola, bananas, strawberries, and chopped nuts. We picked up all of our favorite topping along with frozen and powder options for acai and plenty of almond milk.

We had so much fun being creative with the bowls by mixing and matching different topping and suing different bowls for presentation. What I loved most is that I could be creative with a dish that was healthy for me. That’s so important for myself and when I think about my children who also love to be creative in the kitchen.

Want to make your own acai bowl like us? Go for it! Make sure you share your creation with me by tagging @parishasmith on Instagram! 

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