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5 Things I Do In The Morning To Ensure A Positive Day

December 13, 2017

The first moments after you wake up tend to set the tone for rest of your day. Recently, I made a new commitment to wake up a little earlier in order to make time to invest in myself. When I first started, I just woke up without a plan or any agenda. This can be a bit freeing, but I quickly realized I was failing at the “invest in myself” part. To remedy this, I sat down and came up with some simple things I could do in the morning to really invest in myself and have a truly positive day.


Pray + Meditate

Taking time to connect with God by way of prayer and meditation revives your spirit from its literal and maybe even metaphoric slumber. I like to have a specific prayer of the day prepared and find a scripture in the Bible that I could meditate on after prayer. I suggest you find a scripture that you are able to remember fully. This way while you are meditating, you can repeat it and let the Bible be your mantra. If you are anything like me, you live by your calendar. You plan meetings, schedule appointments, and have a set schedule for your life. Why not add your prayer and mediation time to that schedule? Seek God in every season of your life. Make this an intentional part of your morning and watch the changes it creates throughout the day because you have now set the tone for a positive day.



I recently posted on my instagram about reading and I shared how reading was once a struggle for me. As a teenager, I had to force myself to get through a book. But nowadays (maybe because of age and maturity) I read a lot more often. I challenge myself to also read different genres to expand my mind beyond my comfort zone. In the morning, I commit to reading a few pages from a book I am reading during that time. Reading contributes to your positive day because you are fueling YOU! You can only give to the world what you already have within you. So, fuel yourself with something you enjoy and feed your mind with imagination and knowledge.



Grab A Cup of Coffee!

Okay, I know I know! Coffee is not a total must-have, except if you like ME! I am a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and I thoroughly enjoy starting my day was a fresh brew in one of my favorite mugs. Speaking of mugs…..did you know I collect I mugs? Yeah, I am a total old lady for this one, but I have about two cupboards full of mugs at this point. It’s completely laughable for anyone comes into my kitchen. I have to admit though, I don’t drink coffee every morning, just because I am weird and I have a fear of being addicted to anything. So, I could go a few days straight with or without coffee. But whenever I have a perfect cup….my day is just a little more positive.


Balanced Breakfast

What a great compliment to a good cup a coffee? A yummy balanced breakfast! I realize this can be tough in the morning, because most of us are running around taking care of so much and breakfast can be looked over. This happened to me for so long, however when I started my commitment to waking up earlier, this changed. In addition, to making breakfast for my family, I have enough time to make a healthy breakfast for myself. A veggie omelet and mixed fruit tends to be my favorite breakfast and I mix it up sometimes with oatmeal or an acai bowl if I really have time. Eating breakfast is known to help with weight control as it reduces hunger throughout the day. Reducing my hunger certainly adds to my positive mood :)



I am huge advocate of journaling! Journaling your emotions and ideas can truly be a way to express yourself and sort out your feelings. This will certainly help your communication skills since you are fully aware of your emotions and goals. I am guilty of waking up at 2am with ideas that won’t let me rest, so I roll over and jot it down in my journal. If it can wait for the morning, I will write it down then instead. You can try this easy commit simply by starting with just writing about your goals for the day and what you hope to accomplish by the end of the day. Your positive mood will be sure to elevate as you invest in planning your goals and improving your communication skills.


Planning on making a few changes to make your day a little more positive? Share what your plans are with me! I'd love to hear what other people do to help them have a positive day!

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