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5 Signs That You Are Burnt Out

February 7, 2018

The grind, the hustle, and being a “boss” looks glamorous as a spectator, but many of us who live this lifestyle know that it's not all glam, all the time. There are times when we work so hard on a goal that we hit a wall and become physically and emotionally exhausted. No matter what industry you are in, this could happen to the best of us. For years I’ve been referring to my reset time as “hitting the reset button”. A few years ago, I was working three jobs, creating my first business, and being a wife and mother. This meant I was travelling everyday to work, meetings, kid drop offs, and I barely lifted my head to do a some self-diagnostic testing.



Recently, I’ve been connecting with so many fellow entrepreneurs on social

 media or over coffee and they confide in me about the burn out in their lives. But I almost want to jump up and shake them because your hustle/grind is included, but the burn out is sold separately. Meaning the burn out is totally optional and YOU have control over it by avoiding cramming your life to the max everyday and forcing yourself to power through and just be happy.




1. Lost Of Interest- Losing interest looks like days of not even touching your craft or if someone strikes a conversation about it, you have nothing to say. You are nonchalant and avoid topics coming close to your industry. If you work from home, you may find yourself binge watching your new favorite show and hanging out on the couch with the same sweatshirt from yesterday.


2. Procrastination- Emails left unread, calls and texts left unanswered. You are procrastinating on all your ideas and making zero effort to move forward. Procrastination is a key sign of being burnt out. Your body is screaming, “no more” in the form of hesitation and procrastination. Your schedule is impacted since you are struggling keeping up, which causes you to be late for meetings or forget them all together. Does this sound familiar at all?


3. You Question Your Abilities- Questioning whether or not you are cut out for this is a slippery slope and it only leads to a serious burn out. Since you are hitting a wall, it may be easy to falsely characterize yourself as inadequate. But what you are cut out for this! Every season brings new challenges and although some seasons feel the same, there are lessons to be learned. This is a part of fine tuning your craft. The busy season will come and you may not feel ready, but think of it as a challenge to stretch you further into greatness. WHEN this time is over, you will be proud of your ability to endure.


Here’s a little insider: It won’t always feel this way, but you have to actively participate in elevating your vibes. Understand that the burn out can happen to any of us and you are not foreign or inadequate by any means. Recognize the season you are in and honor your need to reset.


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